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Triple half-bridge gate driver


Datasheet STDRIVE101
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Triple half-bridge gate driver
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Detailed Description

The STDRIVE101 is a low voltage gate driver suitable for driving three-phase brushless motors.

It is a single-chip with three half-bridge gate drivers for N-channel power MOSFETs.

Each driver has a current capability of 600 mA (sink/source). It integrates a low drop linear regulator generating the supply voltage for both low-side and high-side gate drivers through a bootstrap circuitry.
The device provides Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) on both the low-side and high-side sections, preventing the power switches from operating in low efficiency or dangerous conditions.
The control logic integrated into the STDRIVE101 allows two input strategies (high-side and low-side or enable and PWM driving signals). The driving method is selected according to DT/MODE pin. In both cases, prevention from cross conduction is ensured by interlocking or internally generated deadtime.
The STDRIVE101 also features a VDS monitoring protection for each external MOSFET, thermal shutdown and can be put in the standby mode to reduce the power consumption.
The device is available in a VFQFPN 4x4 24 leads package option.


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)Active (Recommended for new designs)



Model Line

Series: STDRIVE101 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Gate Drivers > Multiple Channel Drivers
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