Datasheet STMicroelectronics T2035H-8T

Part NumberT2035H-8T

20 A - 800 V - 150 °C H-series Triac in TO-220AB


Datasheet T2035H-8T
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20 A - 800 V - 150°C H-series Triac in TO-220AB
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Detailed Description

Specifically designed to operate at 800 V and 150 °C, the T2035H-8T Triac housed in TO-220AB provides an enhanced thermal management: this 20 A Triac is the right choice for a compact drive of heavy AC loads and enables the heatsink size reduction.

Based on the ST Snubberless high temperature technology, it offers higher specified turn off commutation and noise immunity levels up to the Tj max.
The T2035H-8T safely optimizes the control of the hardest universal motors, heaters and inductive loads for industrial control and home appliances.


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)



Manufacturer's Classification

  • Thyristors (SCR) and AC Switches > Triacs > High-temperature Triacs > 800V 8H Triacs

Other Names:

T2035H8T, T2035H 8T

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