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Low-Cost, Remote SOT Temperature Switches


Datasheet MAX6512
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Low-Cost, Remote SOT Temperature Switches
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Detailed Description

The MAX6511/MAX6512/MAX6513 are fully integrated, remote temperature switches that use an external P-N junction (typically a diode-connected transistor) as the sensing element to measure the remote temperature.

These devices assert a logic signal when the temperature crosses a factory-programmed threshold. Available trip thresholds are from +45°C to +125°C in 10°C increments. Accuracy is within ±3°C (TA = -5°C to +55°C) or ±5°C (TA = -40°C to +85°C). Hysteresis is pin selectable to 5°C or 10°C.

The MAX6511 has an active-low CMOS output and the MAX6513 has an active-high CMOS output. The MAX6512 has an open-drain output. The output is asserted when the temperature exceeds the threshold value. The active-low open-drain output is intended to interface with a microprocessor (µP) reset or interrupt input. The active-high CMOS output can directly drive a power FET to control a cooling fan.

The MAX6511/MAX6512/MAX6513 operate from a +3.0V to +5.5V supply and typically consume 400µA of supply current. They are available in the small 6-pin SOT23. The MAX6513 is also available in a 6-pin leadfree TDFN package.

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