Datasheet Maxim MAX17270


nanoPower Triple-Output, Single-Inductor, Multiple-Output (SIMO) Buck-Boost Regulator


Datasheet MAX17270
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nanoPower Triple-Output, Single-Inductor, Multiple-Output (SIMO) Buck-Boost Regulator
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The MAX17270/MAX17271 are 3-output switching regulators designed for applications requiring efficient regulation of multiple supplies in a very small space, such as wearable electronic devices.

The parts use a buck-boost architecture that regulates three outputs using a single, small 2.2μH inductor at efficiencies up to 85%.

This results in smaller board space while delivering better total system efficiency than equivalent power solutions using one buck and linear regulators.

The supply current is 0.85μA when only one output is enabled, plus 0.2μA for each additional output enabled.

This SIMO (Single-Input Multiple-Output) regulator utilizes the entire battery voltage range due to its ability to create output voltages that are above, below, or equal to the input voltage. Peak inductor current for each output is programmable to optimize the balance between efficiency, output ripple, EMI, PCB design, and load capability.

Two versions are available. The MAX17270 has 3 enable inputs and 3 output voltage programming inputs. The MAX17271 includes an I2C interface with interrupt, a push-button turn on/off, and a power-good indication.

All versions are offered in either a 4 x 4, 0.4mm wafer-level package (WLP) or a 16-pin TQFN package.

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