Datasheet Infineon IGI60F1414A1L

Part NumberIGI60F1414A1L

CoolGaN IPS half-bridge 600 V


Product Brief IGI60F1414A1L
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CoolGaN IPS half-bridge 600 V
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Detailed Description

Infineon’s CoolGaN Integrated Power Stage (IPS) 600 V leverages the market’s most reliable GaN technology, uniting ultimate efficiency and reliability with ease of use.

The IGI60F1414A1L combines a half-bridge power stage consisting of two 140 mΩ (typ. RDS(on)) / 600 V enhancement-mode CoolGaN switches with dedicated gate drivers in a thermally enhanced 8x8 mm QFN-28 package.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2