Datasheet Maxim MAX4374


Low-Cost, Micropower, High-Side Current-Sense Amplifier + Comparator + Reference ICs


Datasheet MAX4374
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Low-Cost, Micropower, High-Side Current-Sense Amplifier + Comparator + Reference ICs
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The MAX4373/MAX4374/MAX4375 low-cost, micropower, high-side current-sense supervisors contain a high-side current-sense amplifier, bandgap reference, and comparator with latching output.

They feature a voltage output that eliminates the need for gain-setting resistors, making them ideal for today's notebook computers, cell phones, and other systems where battery/DC current monitoring is critical. High-side current monitoring is especially useful in battery-powered systems since it does not interfere with the ground path of the battery charger. The 0 to +28V input common-mode range is independent of the supply voltage, which ensures that the current-sense feedback remains viable even when connected to a battery pack in deep discharge.

The comparator output of the MAX4373/MAX4374/ MAX4375 is latched to provide a turn-off flag that doesn't oscillate. In addition, the MAX4374/MAX4375 contain a second comparator for use in window-detection functions. The MAX4373/MAX4374/MAX4375 are available in three different gain versions (T = +20V/V, F = +50V/V, H = +100V/V) and use an external sense resistor to set the sensitivity of the input voltage to the load current. These features offer a high level of integration, resulting in a simple and compact current-sense solution.

The MAX4373/MAX4374/MAX4375 operate from a single +2.7V to +28V supply and consume 50µA. They are specified for the extended operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) and are available in 8-pin and 10-pin µMAX packages.

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