Datasheet Avago Technologies HSMS-2803-TR2G

ManufacturerAvago Technologies
Part NumberHSMS-2803-TR2G

Surface Mount RF Schottky Barrier Diodes


Datasheet HSMS-2800
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Surface Mount RF Schottky Barrier Diodes
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Detailed Description

These Schottky diodes are specifically designed for both analog and digital applications.

This series offers a wide range of specifications and package configurations to give the designer wide flexibility. The HSMS-280x series of diodes is optimized for high voltage applications.

Note that Avago’s manufacturing techniques assure that dice found in pairs and quads are taken from adjacent sites on the wafer, assuring the highest degree of match.

Other Options

HSMS-2800 HSMS-2802 HSMS-2804 HSMS-2805 HSMS-2808 HSMS-280B HSMS-280C HSMS-280E HSMS-280F HSMS-280K HSMS-280L HSMS-280M HSMS-280N HSMS-280P HSMS-280R

Model Line

Series: HSMS-2803 (3)

Other Names:

HSMS2803TR2G, HSMS 2803 TR2G

1-4 Layer PCBs $2