Datasheet Infineon PMG1-S1


EZ-PD PMG1: A Portfolio of High-voltage MCUs with USB-C Power Delivery


Datasheet PMG1-S1
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Power Delivery Microcontroller Gen1
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Detailed Description

PMG1 (Power Delivery Microcontroller Gen1) is a family of high-voltage microcontrollers (MCU) with USB-C power delivery (PD).

These chips include an Arm Cortex -M0/M0+ CPU and USB-C PD controller along with analog and digital peripherals. PMG1 is targeted for any embedded system that provides/consumes power to/from a high-voltage USB-C PD port and leverages the microcontroller to provide additional control capability.

The PMG1 family has a market-proven USB PD stack, ensuring spec compliance and interoperability. It’s the only high-voltage, programmable USB power delivery solution on the market today, complete with an integrated Arm Cortex -M0/M0+, up to 256KB Flash and 32KB RAM, a USB full speed device, and analog and digital peripherals. The PMG1 family offers devices at the low end with 64KB of flash and at the high end with 256KB of flash. The PMG1 family offers customers a unified FW view with an SDK supported in ModusToolbox , enabling seamless migration between all PMG1 devices.

Model Line

Series: PMG1-S1 (2)

1-4 Layer PCBs $2