Datasheet Maxim MAX77659


SIMO PMIC with 300mA Switching Charger


Datasheet MAX77659
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SIMO PMIC with 300mA Switching Charger
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Detailed Description

The MAX77659 provides highly-efficient integrated battery charging and power supply solutions for low-power applications where size and efficiency are critical.

The IC features a dual-input SIMO buck-boost regulator that provides one charging rail and three independently programmable power rails from a single inductor to minimize total solution size. A 100mA LDO provides ripple rejection for audio and other noise-sensitive applications. The LDO can also be configured as a load switch to manage power consumption by disconnecting external blocks when not required. A highly-configurable switching charger supports a wide range of Li+ battery capacities and includes battery temperature monitoring for additional safety (JEITA). This device includes two GPIOs and an analog multiplexer that switches several internal voltages and current signals to an external node for monitoring with an external ADC. A bidirectional I2C serial interface allows for configuring and checking the status of the devices. An internal on/off controller provides a controlled startup sequence for the regulators and provides supervisory functionality while they are on. Numerous factory programmable options allow the device to be tailored for many applications, enabling faster time to market.

Model Line

Series: MAX77659 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power > Power Management ICs

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