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2MHz, Operational Transconductance Amplifier


Datasheet CA3080, CA3080A
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2MHz, Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA)
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Detailed Description

The CA3080A type is Gatable-Gain Blocks which utilize the unique operational-transconductance- amplifier (OTA).

The CA3080A types have differential input and a single-ended, push-pull, class A output. In addition, these types have an amplifier bias input which may be used either for gating or for linear gain control. These types also have a high output impedance and their transconductance (g M ) is directly proportional to the amplifier bias current (I ABC ).

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Model Line

Series: CA3080A (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Analog Products > Amplifiers > Operational Amplifiers > Transconductance Op-amps

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