Datasheet Maxim MAX9691


Single/Dual, Ultra-Fast, ECL-Output Comparators with Latch Enable


Datasheet MAX9691, MAX9692, MAX9693
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Single/Dual, Ultra-Fast, ECL-Output Comparators with Latch Enable
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The MAX9691/MAX9692/MAX9693 are ultra-fast ECL comparators capable of very short propagation delays.

Their design maintains the excellent DC matching characteristics normally found only in slower comparators. The MAX9691/MAX9692/MAX9693 have differential inputs and complementary outputs that are fully compatible with ECL-logic levels. Output current levels are capable of driving 50Ω terminated transmission lines. The ultra-fast operation makes signal processing possible at frequencies in excess of 600MHz. The MAX9692/MAX9693 feature a latch-enable (LE) function that allows the comparator to be used in a sample-hold mode. When LE is ECL high, the comparator functions normally. When LE is driven ECL low, the outputs are forced to an unambiguous ECL-logic state, dependent on the input conditions at the time of the latch input transition. If the latch-enable function is not used on either of the two comparators, the appropriate LE input must be connected to ground; the companion active-low LE input must be connected to a high ECL logic level. These devices are available in SO, QSOP, and tiny µMAX packages for added space savings.

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