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Single/Dual, Ultra-Fast, Low-Power, Precision TTL Comparators


Datasheet MAX912, MAX913
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Single/Dual, Ultra-Fast, Low-Power, Precision TTL Comparators
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The MAX913 single and MAX912 dual, high-speed, low-power comparators have differential inputs and complementary TTL outputs.

Fast propagation delay (10ns, typ), extremely low supply current, and a wide common-mode input range that includes the negative rail make the MAX912/MAX913 ideal for low-power, high-speed, single +5V (or ±5V) applications such as V/F converters or switching regulators.

The MAX912/MAX913 outputs remain stable through the linear region. This feature eliminates output instability common to high-speed comparators when driven with a slow-moving input signal.

The MAX912/MAX913 can be powered from a single +5V supply or a ±5V split supply. The MAX913 is an improved plug-in replacement for the LT1016. It provides significantly wider input voltage range and equivalent speed at a fraction of the power. The MAX912 dual comparator has equal performance to the MAX913 and includes independent latch controls.

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