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Datasheet AP43776Q
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Automotive-Grade Dual-Channel USB Type-C Protocol Decoder
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Detailed Description

DescriptionThe DIODES AP43776Q is a highly integrated, dual-channel, USB Type-C , PD3.1 / PPS, BC 1.2 and QC protocol decoder.

It passes certification of USB Type-C power delivery specification Rev 3.1 with PPS and Quick ChargeTM QC5 protocol.The device can support the full range of PPS APDO (augmented power data object) from 3.3V to 21V with 20mV/step voltage resolution and up to 6A current with 50mA/step resolution for power management. To enable output current beyond 3A, the AP43776Q supports e-Marker cable detection with built-in VCONN switch with 30mA driving capability and over-current protection (OCP). Cable-loss compensations are also embedded.During the power charging, AP43776Q can support Display Port Alternate Mode by decoding out the CC signal and deliver the routing signal to the mux switch through I2C interface, Meanwhile, the AP43776Q also supports BC1.2 CDP handshaking.The AP43776Q provides an embedded MCU and built-in ADC converters for voltage and temperature measurement, where overtemperature protection (OTP) and other specific functions can be implemented through I2C pins and rich GPIO pins. Working in conjunction with two I2C-equipped Buck-Boost controllers or converters which have PD3.1 PPS output circuitry, the AP43776Q serves as the I2C master and supports two independent PD3.1 PPS charging applications without using additional output enable MOS chips for each PD3.1 output port.With built-in firmware, the AP43776Q can support various smart power-management functions such as power-sharing scheme between two attached USB Type-C PD devices, low-battery power de-rating, thermal power de-rating, LED light indication, etc. Two AP43776Q devices can also be interconnected through a UART (GPIO) pin to implement smart power-sharing scheme for all four connected USB Type-C ports attached to a fixed power source.


PackageW-QFN4040-20 (SWP) (Type A1)


I2C SupportYes
Power RoleDFP (Downstream-Facing Port)
Protocols SupportedUSB PD3.0/3.1 PPS/QC3.0/4/4+/5 (MCU + OTP + Hardwired)
SR Controller EmbeddedNo
VBUS MOS EmbeddedNo
VCC Maximum Rating5.5 V

Model Line

Series: AP43776Q (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > AC-DC Converters > Quick Charging Protocol Decoders, Controllers, and Switchers
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