Datasheet Fairchild MM74C14


Hex Schmitt Trigger


Datasheet MM74C14
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Hex Schmitt Trigger
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Detailed Description

The MM74C14 Hex Schmitt Trigger is a monolithic comple- mentary MOS (CMOS) integrated circuit constructed with N- and P-channel enhancement transistors.

The positive and negative going threshold voltages V T+ and V T− , show low variation with respect to temperature (typ. 0.0005V/°C at V CC = 10V), and hysteresis, V T+ − V T− ≥ 0.2 V CC is guar- anteed.

All inputs are protected from damage due to static dis- charge by diode clamps to V CC and GND.

Model Line

Series: MM74C14 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Clock and Timing > Clock and Data Distribution > Flip Flops, Registers