Datasheet Triad Magnetics N-48X

ManufacturerTriad Magnetics
Part NumberN-48X

Isolation Power Transformers


Datasheet N-48X
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Power Transformers
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Detailed Description

Triad isolation transformers are power transformers for isolating equipment from direct connection to the power line.

They are offered in a variety of voltages and case types. Triad isolation transformers are also offered in hospital type (designed with an MD suffix) which are designed and constructed to meet the low leakage current requirements for today’s medical equipment.

The transformers are constructed with nonconcentrically wound coils. The primary and secondary are wound on separate arbors, then assembled on a laminate core side-by-side separated by insulation. This prevents electrical connection, under normal or overload conditions, between the primary and secondary windings. These hospital type units are offered with a resettable circuit breaker, providing protection from overload and short circuit conditions.

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Transformers > Isolation Power Transformers

Other Names:

N48X, N 48X