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Photovoltaic Isolator 5-10 Volt Output


Datasheet PVI
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Photovoltaic Isolator 5-10 Volt Output
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Detailed Description

The PVI Photovoltaic Isolator generates an electri- cally isolated DC voltage upon receipt of a DC input signal.

The input of the PVI is a light-emitting diode (LED) which is optically coupled to, but electrically isolated from, the output. A GaAIAs LED is used for high output and maximum stability.

The infrared emission from the LED energizes, by photovoltaic action, a series connection of silicon PN junctions. A unique alloyed junction stack which is edge-illumi- nated is used to form the output photovoltaic genera- tors. This novel structure produces extremely high operating efficiency. Units are available with a single 5-volt output or dual 5-volt outputs which can be series connected to produce 10 volts.

Model Line

Series: PVI (3)