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Operational Amplifier, Rail to Rail I/O, High Output Drive


Datasheet MC33201, MC33202, MC33204, NCV33201, NCV33202, NCV33204
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Low Voltage, Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifiers
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Detailed Description

The MC33201/2/4 family of op-amps provides rail-to-rail operation on both the input and output.

The inputs can be driven as high as 200mV beyond the supply rails without phase reversal on the outputs, and the output can swing within 50 mV of each rail.

This rail-to-rail operation enables the user to make full use of the supply voltage range available. It is designed to work at very low supply voltages ( +/- 0.9 V) yet can operate with a supply of up to +12V and ground. Output current boosting techniques provide a high output current capability while keeping the drain current of the amplifier to a minimum. Also, the combination of low noise and distortion with a high slew rate and drive capability make this an ideal amplifier for audio applications.

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MC33201 MC33202 MC33204 NCV33202

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Series: NCV33204 (2)

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  • Signal Conditioning & Control > Amplifiers & Comparators > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)