Datasheet Hamamatsu S6430-01

Part NumberS6430-01

Si Photodiodes


Datasheet S6428-01, S6429-01, S6430-01, S7505-01
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Si Photodiodes
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Detailed Description

The S6428-01, S6429-01 and S6430-01 are color sensors designed to respectively detect monochromatic colors of blue (λp=460 nm), green (λp=540 nm) and red (λp=660 nm).

The S7505-01 uses a 3-channel (RGB) photodiode having blue, green and red sensitivities, and is molded into a surface mount type package.

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S6428-01 S6429-01 S7505-01

Other Names:

S643001, S6430 01

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