Datasheet OSRAM KRTBID2LM31.31

Datasheet OSRAM KRTBID2LM31.31

Multi LEDs


Datasheet KRTBID2LM31.31
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Multi LEDs
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Detailed Description

This device is especially designed for automotive interior applications requesting high dynamic RGB lighting scenarios.

This device is an intelligent RGB device, incorporating besides R/G/B LEDs an IC from ams OSRAM. This embedded IC integrates the drivers for the three R/G/B LEDs.

The embedded IC includes the optical measurement data of the three R/G/B LEDs as well. An external micro controller can address and control each device in a daisy chain architecture via an open system protocol. The open protocol allows the micro controller to read back these data and to run any color algorithm. It also allows to read back a temperature value to optimize this color algorithm.

Model Line

Series: KRTBID2LM31.31 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • LEDs > Multi LEDs