Datasheet Toshiba TLP3475W

Part NumberTLP3475W
Datasheet Toshiba TLP3475W

Photorelay (MOSFET output, 1-form-a)


Datasheet TLP3475W
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Photocouplers Photorelay
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Detailed Description

The TLP3475W photorelay consists of a photo MOSFET optically coupled to an infrared LED.

It is housed in a WSON4 package. The TLP3475W features a low CR product and extremely low on-state resistance,and thus delivers high on-state current. Additionally, the TLP3475W offers low insertion loss of a high-frequency signal and thus prevents the degradation of a rapidly rising signal. The TLP3475W also features low off-state current and low output pin capacitance, making it suitable for high-frequency measuring instrument applications.

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Semiconductor > Isolators/Solid State Relays > Photorelays (MOSFET Output)
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