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Single/Dual/Quad, +1.8V/10µA, SOT23, Beyond-the-Rails Op Amps


Datasheet MAX4240, MAX4241, MAX4242, MAX4243, MAX4244
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Single/Dual/Quad, +1.8V/10µA, SOT23, Beyond-the-Rails Op Amps
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Detailed Description

The MAX4240–MAX4244 family of micropower op amps operate from a single +1.8V to +5.5V supply or dual ±0.9V to ±2.75V supplies and have Beyond-the-Rails inputs and rail-to-rail output capabilities.

These amplifiers provide a 90kHz gain-bandwidth product while using only 10µA of supply current per amplifier. The MAX4241/MAX4243 have a low-power shutdown mode that reduces supply current to less than 1µA and forces the output into a high-impedance state. Although the minimum operating voltage is specified at +1.8V, these devices typically operate down to +1.5V. The combination of ultra-low-voltage operation, Beyond-the-Rails inputs, rail-to-rail outputs, and ultra-low power consumption makes these devices ideal for any portable/two-cell battery-powered system.

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MAX4240 MAX4241 MAX4242 MAX4243

Model Line

Series: MAX4244 (1)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Amplifiers > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > Low Power Op Amps (≤ 1mA/amp)
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