Datasheet ON Semiconductor MOC3052SR2VM

ManufacturerON Semiconductor
Part NumberMOC3052SR2VM

Triac Driver Optocoupler, 6-Pin DIP Random-Phase


Datasheet MOC3051M, MOC3052M, MOC3053M
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6-Pin DIP Random-Phase Triac Driver Optocoupler (600 Volt Peak)
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Detailed Description

The MOC3051M, MOC3052M and MOC3053M consist of a GaAs infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a non-zerocrossing silicon bilateral AC switch (triac).

These devices isolate low voltage logic from 115 VAC and 240 VAC lines to provide random phase control of high current triacs or thyristors. These devices feature greatly enhanced static dv/dt capability to ensure stable switching performance of inductive loads.

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MOC3051M MOC3053M

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  • Interfaces > TRIAC Driver Optocouplers
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