Datasheet STMicroelectronics TSB711


Precision, 6 MHz, RR IO, 36 V BiCMOS operational amplifier


Datasheet TSB711, TSB711A TSB712, TSB712A
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Precision Rail-To-Rail Input/Output 36 V, 6 MHz Op Amps
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Detailed Description

The TSB711, TSB711A, TSB712 and TSB712A 6 MHz bandwidth amplifiers feature rail-to-rail input and output, which is guaranteed to operate from +2.7 V to +36 V single supply as well as from ±1.35 V to ±18 V dual supplies.

These amplifiers have the advantage of offering a large span of supply voltage and an excellent input offset voltage of 300 µV maximum at 25 °C.

The combination of wide bandwidth, slew rate, low noise, rail-to-rail capability and precision makes the TSB711, TSB711A, TSB712 and TSB712A useful in a wide variety of applications such as: filters, power supply and motor control, actuator driving, hall effect sensors and resistive transducers.

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TSB711A TSB712 TSB712A

Model Line

Series: TSB711 (2)

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  • Amplifiers and comparators > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > Precision Op Amps (
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