Datasheet Littelfuse CPC1004N

Part NumberCPC1004N
Datasheet Littelfuse CPC1004N

100V, 300mADC Single-Pole Normally Open Relay


Datasheet CPC1004N
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100V, 300mA Single-Pole Normally Open Relay
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Detailed Description

CPC1004N is a miniature, low-voltage, low on-resistance, normally-open (1-Form-A) DC solid state relay in a 4-pin SOP package.

The relay uses optically coupled MOSFET technology to provide 1500Vrms of input to output isolation.

The efficient MOSFET switch and photovoltaic die use IXYS Integrated Circuits' patented OptoMOS architecture while the optically coupled output is controlled by a highly efficient infrared LED

Model Line

Series: CPC1004N (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Solid State Relays > OptoMOS Relays > Normally Open Relays > 1-Form-A (DC-Only)
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