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LIN Transceiver, Stand-alone


Datasheet NCV7329
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Stand-Alone LIN Transceiver
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Detailed Description

The NCV7329 is a fully featured local interconnect network (LIN) transceiver designed to interface between a LIN protocol controller and the physical bus.

The LIN bus is designed to communicate low rate data from control devices such as door locks, mirrors, car seats, and sunroofs at the lowest possible cost. The bus is designed to eliminate as much wiring as possible and is implemented using a single wire in each node. Each node has a slave MCU−state machine that recognizes and translates the instructions specific to that function. The main attraction of the LIN bus is that all the functions are not time critical and usually relate to passenger comfort.

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Series: NCV7329 (2)

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  • Interfaces > Wired Transceivers & Modems
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