Datasheet Diodes ZRC250

Datasheet Diodes ZRC250

2.5V Low Knee Current voltage reference


Datasheet ZRC250
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Precision 2.5 Volt Low Knee Current Voltage Reference
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Detailed Description

Description The ZRC250 uses a bandgap circuit design to achieve a precision micropower voltage reference of 2.5 volts.

The device is available in a small outline surface mount package, ideal for applications where space saving is important, as well as a package for through hole requirements. The ZRC250 design provides a stable voltage without an external capacitor and is stable with capacitive loads. The ZRC250 is recommended for operation between 20µA and 5mA and so is ideally suited to low power and battery powered applications. Excellent performance is maintained to an absolute maximum of 25mA, however the rugged design and 20 volt processing allows the reference to withstand transient effects and currents up to 200mA. Superior switching capability allows the device to reach stable operating conditions in only a few microseconds.

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  • Power Management > Voltage References
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