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Datasheet 3RT10152BB41 - Siemens CONTACTOR, AC-3, 3KW/400 V

Siemens 3RT10152BB41

Part Number: 3RT10152BB41

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Siemens

Description: CONTACTOR, AC-3, 3KW/400 V

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  • Relay Type: Contactor
  • Coil Voltage VDC Nom: 24 V
  • Contact Configuration: SPNO
  • External Length / Height: 60 mm
  • External Width: 45 mm
  • External Depth: 109 mm
  • Contact Voltage AC Max: 400 V
  • Mounting Type: DIN Rail / Panel
  • No. of Poles: 3
  • Operating Temperature Max: 60°C
  • Series: 3RT10
  • Temperature Operating Min: -25°C
  • AC Coil Power: 3.3 W
  • Approval Bodies: CSA, UL
  • Contact Voltage AC Nom: 230 V AC
  • DC Coil Power: 26.5VA
  • IP / NEMA Rating: 20
  • Main Contact Current AC1 Max: 18 A
  • Main Contact Current AC3 Max: 7 A
  • Mechanical Life: 300,000,000 Operations
  • No. of Mechanical Operations: 300000000
  • Standard:
  • Switch Power Max: 3kW
  • Switching Voltage Max: 690 V

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