Datasheet HGTG27N120BN - Fairchild IGBT, N 72 A, 1200 V TO-247

Fairchild HGTG27N120BN

Part Number: HGTG27N120BN

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Fairchild

Description: IGBT, N 72 A, 1200 V TO-247

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HGTG27N120BN / HGT5A27N120BN
Data Sheet October 2004
72A, 1200V, NPT Series N-Channel IGBT
The HGTG27N120BN and HGT5A27N120BN are NonPunch Through (NPT) IGBT design. This is a new member of the MOS gated high voltage switching IGBT family. IGBTs combine the best features of MOSFETs and bipolar transistors. This device has the high input impedance of a MOSFET and the low on-state conduction loss of a bipolar transistor. The IGBT is ideal for many high voltage switching applications operating at moderate frequencies where low conduction losses are essential, such as: AC and DC motor controls, power supplies and drivers for solenoids, relays and contactors. Formerly Developmental Type TA49280.


RoHS: Yes