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Datasheet S4-24VDC - Panasonic RELAY, PCB, 4PNO, 24 V DC

Panasonic S4-24VDC

Part Number: S4-24VDC

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Description: RELAY, PCB, 4PNO, 24 V DC

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28.0 1.102 12.0 .472 10.4 .409
· Wide switching range From 100µA 100 mV DC to 4 A 250 V AC · Low thermal electromotive force Approx. 3 µV · Dual-In-Line packaging arrangement

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Short Form
Panasonic Relay Technology Innovation across the board.
Telecommunications, machine construction, measurement and control systems, automotive electronics, building security and installation ­ today there is virtually no branch of human activity that can exist without using modern relays. Panasonic Electric Works is able to meet both simple or complex demands from its vast range of sophisticated, economic switching technologies by offering the relay most appropriate to solving the specific application. ture relays for the new generation of surface mounting, automated assembly processes. In addition to electromechanical SMD types such as TQ, TX, GN, GQ and CP series, we have made significant developments in the rapidly expanding field of SSR and PhotoMOS relays.


  • Approval Bodies: CSA
  • Approval Category: UL Recognised
  • Coil Current: 8.4 mA
  • Coil Operating Lower Percent Limit: 65%
  • Coil Operating Upper Percent Limit: 140%
  • Coil Resistance: 2.85 kOhm
  • Coil Type: DC Coil, Monostable
  • Coil Voltage VDC Nom: 24 V
  • Contact Configuration: 4PNO
  • Contact Current AC Max: 4 A
  • Contact Current DC Max: 3 A
  • Contact Current Max: 4 A
  • Contact Current Min: 100ВµA
  • Contact Material: Silver alloy
  • Contact Plating: Gold clad
  • Contact Resistance: 50 MOhm
  • Contact Style: 4 Form A
  • Contact Voltage AC Max: 250 V
  • Contact Voltage AC Nom: 250 V
  • Contact Voltage DC Max: 30 V
  • Contact Voltage DC Nom: 30 V
  • DC Coil Power: 202 mW
  • Dielectric Voltage Coil to Contact: 1500 VAC
  • External Depth: 10.2 mm
  • External Length / Height: 28.4 mm
  • External Width: 12.5 mm
  • Mounting Type: PCB
  • Nom Operating Power: 202 mW
  • Number of Poles: 4
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to 65°C
  • Relay Mounting: PC Board
  • Relay Type: Power
  • Series: S
  • Type: Single side stable

RoHS: Yes

Other Names:

S424VDC, S4 24VDC

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