Datasheet LMH6560MA - National Semiconductor BUFFER, QUAD 680 MHz CLOSED-LOOP, SMD

National Semiconductor LMH6560MA

Part Number: LMH6560MA

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: National Semiconductor


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LMH6560 Quad, High-Speed, Closed-Loop Buffer
September 2004
LMH6560 Quad, High-Speed, Closed-Loop Buffer
General Description
The LMH6560 is a high speed, closed-loop buffer designed for applications requiring the processing of very high frequency signals.

While offering a small signal bandwidth of 680MHz, and a very high slew rate of 3100V/µs the LMH6560 consumes only 46mA of quiescent current for all four buffers. Total harmonic distortion into a load of 100 at 20MHz is -51dBc. The LMH6560 is configured internally for a loop gain of one. Input resistance is 100k and output resistance is but 1.5. Crosstalk between the buffers is only -55dB. These characteristics make the LMH6560 an ideal choice for the distribution of high frequency signals on printed circuit boards. Differential gain and phase specifications of 0.10% and 0.03° respectively at 3.58MHz make the LMH6560 well suited for the buffering of video signals. The device is fabricated on National's high speed VIP10 process using


RoHS: Yes