Datasheet LT1077IS8 - Linear Technology IC, OP-AMP, 230 kHz, 0.08 V/µs, SOIC-8

Linear Technology LT1077IS8

Part Number: LT1077IS8

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Linear Technology

Description: IC, OP-AMP, 230 kHz, 0.08 V/µs, SOIC-8

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LT1077 Micropower, Single Supply, Precision Op Amp
60µA Max Supply Current 40µV Max Offset Voltage 350pA Max Offset Current 0.5µVP-P 0.1Hz to 10Hz Voltage Noise 2.5pAP-P 0.1Hz to 10Hz Current Noise O.4µV/°C Offset Voltage Drift 250kHz Gain-Bandwidth Product 0.12V/µs Slew Rate Single Supply Operation Input Voltage Range Includes Ground Output Swings to Ground while Sinking Current No Pull-Down Resistors are Needed Output Sources and Sinks 5mA Load Current
The LT®1077 is a micropower precision operational amplifier optimized for single supply operation at 5V.

In addition, ±15V specifications are provided. Micropower performance of competing devices is achieved at the expense of seriously degrading precision, noise, speed, and output drive specifications. The LT1077 reduces supply current without sacrificing other parameters. The offset voltage achieved is the lowest of any micropower op amp. Offset current, voltage and current noise, slew rate and gain-


RoHS: Yes