Datasheet LT1783IS5 - Linear Technology IC, OP-AMP, 1.25 MHz, 0.42 V/µs, SOT-23-5

Linear Technology LT1783IS5

Part Number: LT1783IS5

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Linear Technology

Description: IC, OP-AMP, 1.25 MHz, 0.42 V/µs, SOT-23-5

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LT1783 1.25MHz, Over-The-Top Micropower, Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Op Amp in SOT-23 FEATURES
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The LT®1783 is a 1.25MHz op amp available in the small SOT-23 package that operates on all single and split supplies with a total voltage of 2.5V to 18V.

The amplifier draws less than 300A of quiescent current and has reverse-battery protection, drawing negligible current for reverse supply voltages up to 18V. The input range of the LT1783 includes ground, and a unique feature of this device is its Over-The-Top® operation capabilitity with either or both of its inputs above the positive rail. The inputs handle 18V both differential and common mode, independent of supply voltage. The input stage incorporates phase reversal protection to prevent false outputs from occurring even when the inputs are 9V below the negative supply. The LT1783 can drive loads up to 18mA and still maintain rail-to-rail capability. A shutdown feature on the 6-lead version can


RoHS: Yes

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