Datasheet LMH6503MT - National Semiconductor AMP, WIDEBAND, VARIABLE GAIN, 6503

National Semiconductor LMH6503MT

Part Number: LMH6503MT

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: National Semiconductor


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LMH6503 Wideband, Low Power, Linear Variable Gain Amplifier
June 2004
LMH6503 Wideband, Low Power, Linear Variable Gain Amplifier
General Description
The LMHTM6503 is a wideband DC coupled differential input voltage controlled gain stage followed by a high-speed current feedback Op Amp which can directly drive a low impedance load.

Gain adjustment range is more than 70dB for up to 10MHz. Maximum gain is set by external components and the gain can be reduced all the way to cut-off. Power consumption is 370mW with a speed of 135MHz . Output referred DC offset voltage is less than 350mV over the entire gain control voltage range. Device-to-device Gain matching is within 0.7dB at maximum gain. Furthermore, gain at any VG is tested and the tolerance is guaranteed. The output current feedback Op Amp allows high frequency large signals (Slew Rate = 1800V/µs) and can also drive heavy load current (75mA). Differential inputs allow common mode rejection in low level amplification or in applica

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RoHS: Yes