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Datasheet LTM8062IV - Linear Technology IC, BATT CHRG, Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, 2 A, LGA77

Linear Technology LTM8062IV

Part Number: LTM8062IV

Manufacturer: Linear Technology

Description: IC, BATT CHRG, Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, 2 A, LGA77

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LTM8062/LTM8062A 32VIN, 2A ÁModule Power Tracking Battery Chargers FEATURES
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The LTM«8062/LTM8062A are complete 32VIN, 2A ÁModule« power tracking battery chargers. The LTM8062/ LTM8062A provide a constant-current/constant-voltage charge characteristic, a 2A maximum charge current, and employ a 3.3V float voltage feedback reference, so any desired battery float voltage up to 14.4V for the LTM8062 and up to 18.8V for the LTM8062A can be programmed with a resistor divider. The LTM8062/LTM8062A employ an input voltage regulation loop, which reduces charge current if the input voltage falls below a programmed level, set with a resistor divider. When the LTM8062/LTM8062A are powered by a solar panel, this input regulation loop is used to maintain the panel at peak output power. The LTM8062/LTM8062A also feature preconditioning trickle charge, bad battery detection, a choice of termination schemes and automatic restart. The LTM8062/LTM8062A are packaged in a thermally enhanced


  • Battery Charge Voltage: 14.4 V
  • Battery IC Case Style: LGA
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion / Li-Polymer
  • Charge Current Max: 2 A
  • Input Voltage: 32 V
  • Number of Pins: 77
  • Number of Series Cells: 1
  • RoHS: Yes

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