Datasheet FAN7382M - Fairchild High-Side/Low-Side Gate Driver IC

Fairchild FAN7382M

Part Number: FAN7382M

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Fairchild

Description: High-Side/Low-Side Gate Driver IC

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FAN7382 High- and Low-Side Gate Driver
February 2007
FAN7382 High- and Low-Side Gate Driver
Floating Channels Designed for Bootstrap Operation to +600V Typically 350mA/650mA Sourcing/Sinking Current Driving Capability for Both Channels Common-Mode dv/dt Noise Canceling Circuit Extended Allowable Negative VS Swing to -9.8V for Signal Propagation at VCC=VBS=15V VCC & VBS Supply Range from 10V to 20V UVLO Functions for Both Channels TTL Compatible Input Logic Threshold Levels Matched Propagation Delay Below 50nsec Output In-phase with Input Signal


RoHS: Yes

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