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ManufacturerAnalog Devices
Description±80°/sec Yaw Rate Gyro with SPI Interface
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ADIS16080. Parameter Conditions. Min1. Typ. Max. Unit

ADIS16080 Parameter Conditions Min1 Typ Max Unit

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ADIS16080 Parameter Conditions Min1 Typ Max
DIGITAL OUTPUTS Output High Voltage (VOH) ISOURCE = 200 μA VDRIVE − 0.2 V Output Low Voltage (VOL) ISINK = 200 μA 0.4 V CONVERSION RATE Conversion Time 16 SCLK cycles with SCLK at 20 MHz 800 ns Throughput Rate 1 MSPS POWER SUPPLY All at TA = −40°C to +85°C VCC 4.75 5 5.25 V VDRIVE 2.7 5.25 V VCC Quiescent Supply Current VCC @ 5 V, fSCLK = 50 kSPS 7.0 9.0 mA VDRIVE Quiescent Supply Current VDRIVE @ 5 V, fSCLK = 50 kSPS 70 500 μA Power Dissipation VCC and VDRIVE @ 5 V, fSCLK = 50 kSPS 40 mW TEMPERATURE RANGE Specified Performance Tested to max and min specifications −40 +85 °C 1 All minimum and maximum specifications are guaranteed. Typical specifications are neither tested nor guaranteed. 2 Dynamic range is the maximum full-scale measurement range possible, including output swing range, initial offset, sensitivity, offset drift, and sensitivity drift at 5 V supply. 3 Defined as the output change from ambient to maximum temperature, or ambient to minimum temperature. 4 Frequency at which the response is 3 dB down from dc response. Bandwidth = 1/(2 × π × 180 kΩ × (22 nF + COUT)). For COUT = 0, bandwidth = 40 Hz. For COUT = 1 μF, bandwidth = 0.87 Hz. 5 Self-test response varies with temperature. Rev. $ | Page 4 of 16 Document Outline FEATURES APPLICATIONS GENERAL DESCRIPTION FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM TABLE OF CONTENTS REVISION HISTORY SPECIFICATIONS TIMING SPECIFICATIONS ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS ESD CAUTION PIN CONFIGURATION AND FUNCTION DESCRIPTIONS TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS THEORY OF OPERATION SUPPLY AND COMMON CONSIDERATIONS INCREASING MEASUREMENT RANGE SETTING BANDWIDTH SELF-TEST FUNCTION CONTINUOUS SELF-TEST RATE SENSITIVE AXIS BASIC OPERATION SERIAL PERIPHERAL INTERFACE (SPI) Control Register ADC Conversion Output Data Access Output Coding Examples APPLICATIONS INFORMATION ASSEMBLY INTERFACE BOARD OUTLINE DIMENSIONS ORDERING GUIDE