Datasheet Addendum XPP736156.250000I (IDT)

Description150fs Quartz-based PLL Oscillator
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156.250000MHz Crystal. XPP736156.250000I. Oscillator. Datasheet Addendum. General Configuration. Parameter. Value. Pin Assignments

Datasheet Addendum XPP736156.250000I IDT

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156.250000MHz Crystal XPP736156.250000I Oscillator Datasheet Addendum General Configuration Parameter Value
Device Version XP version (150fs phase jitter) Package 7.0mm × 5.0mm Output Frequency 156.250000MHz Frequency Stability ±25ppm VDD Voltage 3.3V Output Type LVPECL Output Enable/Disable (E/D) Position Pin 1 Temperature Grade -40°C to +85°C
Pin Assignments Number Name Description
1 OE Output Enable. 2 NC No connect. 3 GND Connect to ground. 4 OUT0 Output. 5 OUT0b Complementary output. 6 VDD Supply voltage. 7 SDA Serial data. Not used for XO mode. 8 SCL Serial clock. Not used for XO mode. ©2019 Integrated Device Technology, Inc. 1 February 21, 2019 Document Outline General Configuration Pin Assignments Revision History