Datasheet MA12070 (Infineon)

Description2x80W ultra power efficient, fully integrated audio amplifier IC with analog input
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MA12070. Description. Features. Applications. Package.

Datasheet MA12070 Infineon

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Filterless and High-Efficiency +4V to +26V Audio Amplifier with Analog Input
Description Features
The MA12070 is a super-efficient audio power amplifier • Proprietary Multi-level Switching Technology based on proprietary multi-level switching technology. ◦ 3-level and 5-level modulation It supports a 4-26V supply voltage range, allowing it to ◦ Low EMI emission be used in many different applications. ◦ Filterless amplification Multi-level switching enables very low power loss ◦ Digital Power Management Algorithm during operation. In addition, it allows the amplifier to • High Power Efficiency (PMP4) be used in filterless configurations at full rated power ◦ <160mW Idle power dissipation (26V PVDD, in a wide range of audio products. all channels switching) The MA12070 features an embedded digital power ◦ >80% Efficiency at 2W power (1kHz sine, 8Ω) management scheme. The power management ◦ >91% Efficiency at Full Power (1kHz sine, 8Ω) algorithm dynamically adjusts switching frequency and • Audio Performance (PMP2) modulation to optimize power loss and EMI across the output power range. ◦ >110dB DNR (A-w, rel. to 1% THD+N power level) A 4th order feedback loop ensures low distortion and a ◦ 45µV output integrated noise (A-w) high PSRR. ◦ 0.004% THD+N at high output levels The MA12070 operates from a single power stage • 4th Order Feedback Error Control supply voltage (PVDD) and a +5V system supply voltage ◦ High suppression of supply disturbance (DVDD, AVDD). ◦ HD audio quality Highly flexible output stage configurations are offered, • Supply Voltages: +4V to +26V (PVDD) and +5V ranging from four single-ended outputs to a single (A/DVDD) parallel-BTL output. • Selectable Gain (20dB/26dB) The MA12070 features protection against DC, short- • 2x30W continuous output power (RL = 8Ω at 22V, circuits, over-temperature and under-voltage PMP4, 10% THD+N level, without heatsink) situations. • 2×80W peak output power (26V PVDD, RL = 4Ω, Flexible “Power Mode Profiles” allow the user to utilize 10% THD+N level) the multi-level switching technique for very low power • 2.0, 2.1, 4.0, 1.0 Output Stage Configurations loss or very high audio performance. • Protection Device configuration is controlled through an I2C ◦ Under-voltage-lockout interface as well as dedicated control pins. ◦ Over-temperature warning/error ◦ Short-circuit/overload protection ◦ Power stage pin-to-pin short-circuit
◦ Error-reporting through serial interface (I2C) ◦ DC protection • Battery Operated Speakers • I2C control (four selectable addresses) • Wireless and Docking Speakers • Heatsink free operation with EPAD-down package • Soundbars
• Multiroom Systems • Home Theater Systems • 64-pin QFN Package with exposed thermal pad (EPAD) and Lead-free Soldering Datasheet Please read the Important Notice and Warnings at the end of this document V 1.0
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