Datasheet MAX1661, MAX1662, MAX1663 (Maxim)

DescriptionSerial to Parallel Parallel to Serial Converters and Load Switch Controllers with SMBus Interface
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EVALUATION KIT. AVAILABLE. Serial-to-Parallel/Parallel-to-Serial Converters and. Load-Switch Controllers with SMBus Interface

Datasheet MAX1661, MAX1662, MAX1663 Maxim

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19-1306; Rev 0; 10/97
EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Serial-to-Parallel/Parallel-to-Serial Converters and Load-Switch Controllers with SMBus Interface MAX1661/MAX1662/MAX1663 ________________General Description ____________________________Features
The MAX1661/MAX1662/MAX1663 serial-to-parallel/ ♦
Performs Serial-to-Parallel and Parallel-to-Serial
parallel-to-serial converters are intended to control external
power MOSFETs in power-plane switching applications. ♦
Three General-Purpose Digital Input/Output Pins
These small, low-cost devices can be used on a system
(withstand +28V)
motherboard to control point-of-load switching from a 2- wire SMBus™ serial interface. Each device has three high- ♦
SMBus 2-Wire Serial Interface
voltage open-drain outputs that double as TTL-level logic ♦
Asynchronous Suspend Mode
inputs, giving them bidirectional capabilities. The I/O pins can withstand +28V, so they can control battery voltage- ♦
3µA Supply Current
distribution switches in notebook computers. ♦
+2.7V to +5.5V Supply Range
The MAX1661 is intended for driving N-channel MOSFETs ♦
Space-Saving, Low-Cost 10-Pin µMAX Package
and its outputs are low upon power-up. The MAX1662/ MAX1663 are intended for P-channel MOSFETs, and their
______________Ordering Information
outputs are high-impedance upon power-up. This ensures that the MOSFETs are off at power-up, so the system can
enforce power-plane sequencing.
EUB -40°C to +85°C 10 µMAX The SMBSUS control input selects control data between
EUB -40°C to +85°C 10 µMAX two separate data registers. This feature allows the system
EUB -40°C to +85°C 10 µMAX to select between two different power-plane configurations asynchronously, eliminating latencies introduced by the serial bus. Other features include thermal-overload and
__________________Pin Configuration
overcurrent protection, ultra-low supply current, and both hardware and software interrupt capabilities. These TOP VIEW devices are available in the space-saving 10-pin µMAX package. VCC 1 10 ALERT I/O1 2 9 SMBCLK
MAX1661 I/O2 3 8 SMBDATA MAX1662 Power-Plane Switching I/O3 4 MAX1663 7 SMBSUS Point-of-Load Power-Bus Switching GND 5 6 ADD Notebook and Subnotebook Computers µ
Desktop Computers Smart Batteries
Typical Operating Circuits appear at end of data sheet. ______________________________________________________________Selector Guide POWER-ON- INTENDED SMBus ADDRESS PART
GND 0100000 MAX1661 Outputs Low N-Channel MOSFETs High-Z 0111100 VCC 1001000 GND 0100001 Outputs High MAX1662 P-Channel MOSFETs High-Z 0111101 (high-Z state) VCC 1001001 GND 0100010 Outputs High MAX1663 P-Channel MOSFETs High-Z 0111110 (high-Z state) VCC 1001010 SMBus is a trademark of Intel Corp.
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