Datasheet LTC4126-10 (Analog Devices)

ManufacturerAnalog Devices
Description10mA Wireless Li-Ion Charger with 1.2V Step-Down DC/DC Converter
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FEATURES. DESCRIPTION. Wireless Li-Ion Battery Charger Plus High. Efficiency Multi-Mode Charge Pump DC/DC

Datasheet LTC4126-10 Analog Devices

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LTC4126-10 10mA Wireless Li-Ion Charger with 1.2V Step-Down DC/DC Converter
Wireless Li-Ion Battery Charger Plus High
The LTC®4126-10 is a low-power wireless single-cell
Efficiency Multi-Mode Charge Pump DC/DC
Li-Ion battery charger with an integrated step-down DC/ n
Wideband Rx Frequency: DC to >10MHz
DC regulator. The step-down regulator is a low-noise multi- n Integrated Rectifier with Overvoltage Limit mode charge pump which is powered from the battery and n Pin Selectable Charge Voltage: 4.1V or 4.2V provides a regulated 1.2V at the output. The switching n Charge Current: 10mA (Fixed) frequency is set to either 50kHz or 75kHz depending on the n Low Battery Disconnect: 3.0V mode to keep any switching noise out of the audible range. n NTC Pin for Temperature Qualified Charging The LTC4126-10 charger is a full-featured constant-cur- n DC/DC Regulated Output: 1.2V rent constant-voltage Li-Ion battery charger with auto- n DC/DC Output Current: Up to 60mA matic recharge, automatic termination by safety timer, and n 50kHz/75kHz Switching, No Audible Noise battery temperature monitoring via an NTC pin. Charge n Pushbutton and/or Digital on/off Control for DC/DC current is fixed at 10mA with a 3-hour termination timer. n Thermally Enhanced 12-Lead 2mm × 2mm Undervoltage protection disconnects the battery from all LQFN Package loads when the battery voltage is below 3.0V. The tiny 2mm × 2mm LQFN package and minimal external
component count make the LTC4126-10 well suited for n Hearing Aids Li-Ion battery powered hearing aid applications and other n Low Power Li-Ion Powered Devices low power portable devices where a small solution size n Wireless Headsets is required. n IoT Wearables All registered trademarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
TYPICAL APPLICATION Top and Bottom View of the IC with Complete Application Circuit
ACIN EN CRX STAT1 68nF DIGITAL I/O AIR GAP STAT2 VCC ACPR LTC4126-10 BAT L CHRG + Li-Ion TRANSMITTER L RX TX 8µH 4.1V NTC V + IN VSEL – OUT 1.2V GND 2.2µF 4126-10 TA01 Rev. 0 Document Feedback For more information 1 Document Outline Features Applications Typical Application Description Absolute Maximum Ratings Order Information Electrical Characteristics Pin Configuration Typical Performance Characteristics Pin Functions Block Diagram Operation Applications Information Typical Applications Package Description Typical Application Related Parts