Datasheet 2N3019, 2N3019S, 2N3700 (ON Semiconductor)

ManufacturerON Semiconductor
DescriptionNPN Silicon Low Power Transistors
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NPN Silicon. Features. MAXIMUM RATINGS. Characteristic. Symbol. Value. Unit. TO−5. TO−39. TO−18. THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS

Datasheet 2N3019, 2N3019S, 2N3700 ON Semiconductor, Revision: 2

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2N3019, 2N3019S, 2N3700 Low Power Transistors
NPN Silicon Features
• MIL−PRF−19500/391 Qualified
• Available as JAN, JANTX, and JANTXV COLLECTOR 3
(TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted) 2
Characteristic Symbol Value Unit
BASE Collector−Emitter Voltage VCEO 80 Vdc Collector−Base Voltage V 1 CBO 140 Vdc EMITTER Emitter−Base Voltage VEBO 7.0 Vdc Collector Current − Continuous IC 1.0 Adc Total Device Dissipation @ TA = 25°C PT mW 2N3019, 2N3019S 800 2N3700 500 Total Device Dissipation @ TC = 25°C PT W 2N3019, 2N3019S 5.0 2N3700 1.0 Operating and Storage Junction TJ, Tstg −65 to °C Temperature Range +200
TO−5 TO−39 TO−18 THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS CASE 205AA CASE 205AB CASE 206AA STYLE 1 STYLE 1 STYLE 1 Characteristic Symbol Max Unit 2N3019 2N3019S 2N3700
Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient RqJA °C/W 2N3019, 2N3019S 195 2N3700 325
Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case RqJC °C/W 2N3019, 2N3019S 30
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2N3700 150 JAN2N3019 Stresses exceeding Maximum Ratings may damage the device. Maximum Ratings are stress ratings only. Functional operation above the Recommended JANTX2N3019 TO−5 Bulk Operating Conditions is not implied. Extended exposure to stresses above the JANTXV2N3019 Recommended Operating Conditions may affect device reliability. JAN2N3019S JANTX2N3019S TO−39 Bulk JANTXV2N3019S JAN2N3700 JANTX2N3700 TO−18 Bulk JANTXV2N3700 © Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2012
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August, 2012 − Rev. 2 2N3019/D