Datasheet ST7LITEUSx (STMicroelectronics)

Description8-bit MCU with single voltage Flash memory, ADC, timers. ST7ULTRALITE (ST7LITEUS2, ST7LITEUS5)
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ST7LITEUSx. Features. Memories. SO8. DIP8. 150”. Clock, Reset and Supply Management. DFN8. A/D Converter. Interrupt Management

Datasheet ST7LITEUSx STMicroelectronics

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8-bit MCU with single voltage Flash memory, ADC, timers

– 1K bytes single voltage Flash Program mem- ory with read-out protection, In-Circuit and In- Application Programming (ICP and IAP). 10K write/erase cycles guaranteed, data retention:
20 years at 55°C.
DIP8 150”
– 128 bytes RAM. ■
Clock, Reset and Supply Management
– 3-level low voltage supervisor (LVD) and aux- iliary voltage detector (AVD) for safe power- on/off procedures
– Clock sources: internal trimmable 8MHz RC oscillator, internal low power, low frequency RC oscillator or external clock – Five Power Saving Modes: Halt, Auto Wake ■
A/D Converter
Up from Halt, Active-Halt, Wait and Slow – 10-bit resolution for 0 to VDD ■
Interrupt Management
– 5 input channels – 11 interrupt vectors plus TRAP and RESET ■
Instruction Set
– 5 external interrupt lines (on 5 vectors) – 8-bit data manipulation ■
I/O Ports
– 63 basic instructions with illegal opcode de- – 5 multifunctional bidirectional I/O lines tection – 1 additional Output line – 17 main addressing modes – 6 alternate function lines – 8 x 8 unsigned multiply instruction – 5 high sink outputs ■
Development Tools

2 Timers
– Full hardware/software development package – One 8-bit Lite Timer (LT) with prescaler in- – Debug Module cluding: watchdog, one realtime base and one 8-bit input capture. – One 12-bit Auto-reload Timer (AT) with output compare function and PWM
Table 1. Device summary ST7ULTRALITE Features ST7LITEUS2 ST7LITEUS5
Program memory - bytes 1K RAM (stack) - bytes 128 (64) Peripherals LT Timer w/ Wdg, AT Timer w/ 1 PWM ADC - 10-bit Operating Supply 2.4V to 3.3V @fCPU=4MHz, 3.3V to 5.5V @fCPU=8MHz CPU Frequency up to 8MHz RC Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C / -40°C to 125°C Packages SO8 150”, DIP8, DFN8, DIP161) Note 1: For development or tool prototyping purposes only. Not orderable in production quantities. Rev. 4 January 2007 1/108 1
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