Datasheet HT75Hxx (Holtek)

Description40V, 150mA TinyPower LDO with Protections
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HT75Hxx. 40V, 150mA TinyPowerTM LDO with Protections. Features. General Description. Applications. Selection Table. Part No

Datasheet HT75Hxx Holtek

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HT75Hxx 40V, 150mA TinyPowerTM LDO with Protections Features General Description
• Low power consumption The HT75Hxx series is a set of low power consumption • Low voltage drop high voltage regulator implemented in a CMOS • Low temperature coefficient technology, which ensures low voltage drop and low quiescent current. They allow input voltages as high • High input voltage (up to 40V) as 40V. They are available with several fixed output • Output voltage accuracy: tolerance ±1.5% voltages ranging from 2.1V to 5.0V. • Soft start function The soft start function controls the output slew rate to • Over current protection prevent the overshooting phenomenon when power • Over temperature protection on. The enable pin, CE, accepts CMOS level as logic input. When CE goes low, a fast discharging path • Package types pulls output voltage low a via 300Ω resistor. The 3-pin SOT89, 5-pin SOT23, 8-pin SOP-EP internally output over current protection prevents the HT75Hxx from being burned even if the output node
shorts to ground. The over temperature protection ensures that the junction temperature will not exceed • Industrial/Automotive Application 150°C. The soft start function inhibits the output • Power Meter, Water Meter, Smart Meter overshooting when power on. • Portable/Battery-Powered Equipment
Selection Table Part No. Output Voltage Package Marking
HT75H21 2.1V HT75H23 2.3V HT75H25 2.5V HT75H27 2.7V SOT89 HT75H30 3.0V SOT23-5 HT75Hxx (for SOT89, 8SOP-EP) HT75H33 3.3V 8SOP-EP 5Hxx (for SOT23-5) HT75H36 3.6V HT75H40 4.0V HT75H44 4.4V HT75H50 5.0V Note: “xx” stands for output voltages. Rev. 1.00 1 May 29, 2020 Rev. 1.00 PB May 29, 2020 Document Outline Features Applications General Description Selection Table Block Diagram Pin Assignment Pin Descriptions Absolute Maximum Ratings Recommended Operating Range Electrical Characteristics Typical Performance Characteristic Application Information Power-on Considerations OCP and OTP Protections Fast Output Discharging Function Input Capacitor CIN Consideration Output Capacitor COUT Considerations Thermal Considerations Power Dissipation Calculation Application Circuits Basic Circuits High Output Current Positive Voltage Regulator Short-Circuit Protection by Tr1 Increasing Output Voltage Circuits Constant Current Regulator Dual Supply Package Information 3-pin SOT89-3 Outline Dimensions 5-pin SOT23-5 Outline Dimensions 8-pin SOP-EP (150mil) Outline Dimensions
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