Datasheet MAX971–MAX974 and MAX981–MAX984 (Maxim)

DescriptionUltra-Low-Power, Open-Drain, Single/Dual-Supply Comparators
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Ultra-Low-Power, Open-Drain,. Single/Dual-Supply Comparators. MAX971–MAX974/MAX981–MAX984. General Description. Features

Datasheet MAX971–MAX974 and MAX981–MAX984 Maxim

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19-0450; Rev 3; 2/03
Ultra-Low-Power, Open-Drain, Single/Dual-Supply Comparators MAX971–MAX974/MAX981–MAX984 General Description Features
The MAX971–MAX974 and MAX981–MAX984 single/ ♦
Available in Ultra-Small Packages:
dual/quad low-voltage comparators feature the lowest
UCSP™ (MAX972)
power consumption available. These micropower
µMAX (MAX9_1/MAX9_2/MAX9_3)
devices draw less than 4µA supply current over ♦
Ultra-Low Quiescent Current (4µA, max)
temperature (MAX971/MAX972/MAX981/MAX982), and
Over Extended Temp Range (MAX971/MAX981)
include an internal 1.182V ±1% (MAX971/MAX973/ ♦ MAX974) or ±2% (MAX981–MAX984) voltage reference
Power Supplies:
and programmable hysteresis.
Single 2.5V to 11V Dual ±1.25V to ±5.5V
Ideal for 3V or 5V single-supply applications, these devices operate from a single 2.5V to 11V supply (or ♦
Input Voltage Range Includes Negative Supply
±1.25V to ±5.5V dual supplies), and each comparator’s ♦
Internal Bandgap Reference
input voltage ranges from the negative supply rail to within
1.182V ±1% (MAX97_)
1.3V of the positive supply.
1.182V ±2% (MAX98_)
The single MAX971/MAX981 and the dual MAX973/ MAX982/MAX983 provide a unique, simple method for ♦
12µs Propagation Delay (10mV Overdrive)
adding hysteresis without feedback or complicated ♦
Output Has Separate GND Pin (MAX9_1/MAX9_4)
equations, simply by using the HYST pin plus two resistors.
The MAX971–MAX974 and MAX981–MAX984’s open- Battery-Powered Window Comparators drain outputs permit wire-ORed configurations. Thanks to Systems Level Translators an 11V output range and separate GND pin for the output Threshold Detectors Oscillator Circuits transistor (MAX971/MAX974, MAX981/MAX984), these devices are ideal for level translators and bipolar to single-
Ordering Information
ended converters. For similar devices with complementary output stages, see the MAX921–MAX924 (1% reference)
and the MAX931–MAX934 (2% reference).
CPA 0°C to +70°C 8 Plastic Dip MAX971CSA 0°C to +70°C 8 SO MAX971CUA 0°C to +70°C 8 µMAX
Ordering Information continued at end of data sheet. Typical Operating Circuit PART INTERNAL PRECISION REFERENCE COMPARATORS PER PACKAGE INTERNAL HYSTERESIS PACKAGE
V 8-Pin IN MAX971 1% 1 Yes DIP/SO/µMAX 7 8-Pin UCSP/ V+ MAX972 None 2 No DIP/SO/µMAX 3 IN+ 8-Pin OUT 8 MAX973 1% 2 Yes DIP/SO/µMAX 4 IN- MAX974 1% 4 No 16-Pin DIP/SO 5 HYST 8-Pin MAX981 2% 1 Yes DIP/SO/µMAX MAX971 6 REF 8-Pin MAX981 MAX982 2% 2 Yes DIP/SO/µMAX V- GND 2 1 8-Pin MAX983 2% 2 Yes DIP/SO/µMAX
MAX984 2% 4 No 16-Pin DIP/SO UCSP is a trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct! at 1-888-629-4642, or visit Maxim’s website at
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