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Starter Kit EnOcean ESK 300С

Main Features of Kit or Board
Base componentEnOcean
Category, bit8-bit
Board peripherals
  • I/O pins
  • I2C interface
  • SPI
  • ISM Transceiver
  • temperature sensor
  • user buttons
  • user LEDs
  • Power Management
  • Expansion Board
  • Solar PV Panel
  • Energy Harvesting

Part NumberESK 300C

ESK 300С, EnOcean’s Starter Kit, illustrates the possibilities of energy-harvesting wireless sensor technology (315 MHz) through a selection of the major EnOcean components. The kit consists of a switch module for building applications (PTM 210С), a suite for industrial switches (PTM 330С and ECO 200), a temperature sensor (STM 33xС), an USB receiver (USB 300С) plus PC software for visualization (DolphinView Basic) and a sample case for industrial switching solutions.


Detailed Description

Starter Kit EnOcean ESK 300C

ESK  300C  comes  with  electro-mechanical push  button  generators  for  switches  and  a solar  powered  temperatures  sensor.  Radio telegrams sent by  the  self-powered sensors are received via USB gateway and visualized via PC software.


  • PC software DolphinView Basic visualizes and interprets EnOcean radio telegrams. It receives messages via USB 300C, shows telegram content and interprets EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEP).
  • The push-button radio transmitter module PTM 2xxС enables implementation of wireless remote controls without batteries. Key applications are wall-mounted flat rocker switches as well as handheld remote controls.
  • ECO 200 is an energy converter for linear motion. In combination with PTM 330C radio module it enables miniaturized switches for multiple application areas.
  • The solar powered sensor STM 33xС enables wireless temperature sensors and room operating panels. It can be extended with a plug & play humidity sensor.
  • USB 300С provides a bidirectional EnOcean radio gateway via USB to the PC. Radio messages will be sent and received via PC software DolphinView Basic.

Sensor Transmitter Module STM 330C

The extremely power saving RF transmitter module family STM 33xC of EnOcean is optimized for realization of wireless and maintenance free temperature sensors, or room operating panels including set point dial and occupancy button with a minimum number of external components. The module provides an integrated calibrated temperature sensor. 

Scavenger Transceiver Module STM 300C

The extremely power  saving RF  transmitter module  STM  300  of  EnOcean  enables  the realization of wireless and maintenance free sensors and actuators such as room operating  panels, motion  sensors  or  valve  actuators for heating control.

Power  supply  is  provided  by  an  external  energy harvester,  e.g.  a  small  solar  cell  or  a  thermal harvester. An energy storage device can be connected externally  to bridge periods with no  supply  from  the  energy harvester. A  voltage  limiter avoids damaging of  the module when  the supply from  the  energy  harvester  gets  too  high.


  • 3 A/D converter inputs
  • 4 digital inputs
  • Configurable wake-up and transmission cycle
  • Wake-up via Wake pins
  • Voltage limiter
  • Threshold detector
  • Application notes for calculation of energy budgets and management of external energy storages

Pushbutton Transmitter Module PTM 210C

The radio transmitter module from EnOcean enables the implementation of wireless remote controls without batteries. Power is provided by a built-in electro-dynamic power generator. Key applications are wall-mounted flat rocker switches with 1 or 2 rockers (with medial position), as well as handheld remote controls with up to 4 single pushbuttons

Transmitter Module PTM 33xC

The radio transmitter module family PTM 330 from EnOcean enables the implementation of wireless sensors and switches without batteries. When an energy pulse is supplied (e.g. by the motion energy harvester  ECO 200 from EnOcean) an RF telegram is transmitted including a unique 32-bit module ID, the polarity of the energy pulse, and the operating status of 4 digital inputs. The RPS telegram content can be configured if other content is needed.

PTM 330 can be connected to ECO 200 via a contact spring. There are two meander structures on the PCB which allow usage of a rubber pad to set
the level of two digital inputs.

USB Gateway USB 300C

USB 300  is  a  small  USB  stick  which connects  PC’s  and  smart  home  servers to  the  world  of  EnOcean  based  radio products. USB  300  is  equipped  with  the  TCM  310  transceiver  gateway module.  It  provides  bidirectional EnOcean  radio  and  bidirectional  serial  interface via USB. Radio messages  are  sent  and  received via the USB host. USB  300  provides  signal  strength. Additional control  commands  can be  sent  from  the host  to USB 300, e.g. to configure repeater functionality.


  • Receive messages from self-powered switches and sensors
  • Send messages and control actuators 
  • Supports EnOcean security telegrams
  • Remote configuration of self-powered sensors
  • Visualization of radio telegrams with DolphinView Basic
  • Virtual COM Port driver (FTDI) for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Mac and Raspberry Pi
  • Supports all message formats of EnOcean Equipment Profile 2.5 
  • EnOcean Serial Protocol 3 
  • Supports signal strength value
  • Programmable repeater
  • Remote management
  • Smart acknowledge


  • User Manual
  • USB 300C: USB transceiver/gateway
  • PTM 2xxC: Self-powered push button 
  • STM 33xC: Self-powered temp. sensor 
  • ECO 200: Push button energy generator
  • PTM 330C: Push button radio module
  • Housing examples
  • DolphinView Basic

ESK 300C Modules Description

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