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Development Module FTDI VM800C35A-N

Main Features of Kit or Board
Base componentFTDI
Supported familiesFT800-EVE
Board peripherals
  • I/O pins
  • I2C interface
  • SPI
  • USB
  • LCD
  • audio in/out
  • sense
  • Power Management

Part NumberVM800C35A-N

The VM800C35A-N is a development module for FTDI’s FT800, which is used to develop and demonstrate the functionality of the FT800 Embedded Video Engine, EVE. This module behaves as an SPI slave, and requires a SPI Master for proper micro-controller interfacing and system integration.


Detailed Description

The FT800 provides a powerful feature set in a small package to create dynamic HMI interfaces. The device supports line by line graphics rendering to 1/16 of a pixel on displays with resolution up to 512 × 512 with 262K colours. The chip includes a touch controller for sensing touch feedback from a TFT display with a resistive touch panel as well as a sound synthesizer and audio playback with a PWM output to drive a speaker.

Development Module FTDI VM800C35A-N

VM800C Modules:

Options Development Modules
VM800C35A-N VM800C43A-N VM800C35A-D VM800C43A-D VM800C50A-D
Support Dysplays 3.5'' TFT 4.3'' TFT / 5.0'' TFT 3.5'' TFT 4.3'' TFT 5.0'' TFT
Display Included No No Yes Yes Yes

FT800 Key Hardware Features

  • Single chip for Display, Audio and Touch control
  • Up to 512 x 512 pixel resolution
  • 262K colours (6 Red, 6 Green, 6 Blue)
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • 2-bit colour dither
  • Programmable HSYNC/VSYNC timing
  • Backlight control
  • Resistive touch sense
  • Objective oriented programming approach
  • Embedded widgets to assist with creating complex images
  • Mono audio output
  • 64 in-built polyphonic tones
  • Decode for mono 8-bit linear PCM, 4-bit ADPCM and μ-Law coding format at sampling frequencies from 8kHz to 48kHz
  • SPI/I2C interface to host MCU
  • 1.8V to 3.3V IO levels to host MCU
  • 3V3 levels on RGB pins

VM800C modules support 3 different LCD panel size options. Users can also connect to different LCD screens as long as they meet  the FT800 technical specification and fit  the VM800C LCD connector.

VM800C35A-N Features:

The VM800C utilises the FTDI FT800  Embedded Video Engine. Graphic, audio and touch features of the FT800 can be accessed with the VM800C. For a full list of the FT800’s features please see the FT800 datasheet.

The VM800C has the following features: 

  • Ready to use LCD module
  • Part types with LCDs supporting resistive touch with pressure sensing. 
  • On board LCD backlight LED Driver
  • Supports mono audio output
  • On board audio power amplifier and micro speaker
  • Flexible power supply. Powering the VM800C using either a 2.1mm power jack , SPI master connector or via USB Micro-B  port 
  • 5 V tolerant buffers when used with a 5V SPI Master.

VM800C User Guide and Schematic

Other Names:

VM800C35AN, VM800C35A N

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