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Development Module FTDI VM800P35A-PL

Main Features of Kit or Board
Base component
  • Atmel
  • FTDI
Category, bit8-bit
Supported families
  • AVR8-bit
  • FT800-EVE
Board peripherals
  • I/O pins
  • I2C interface
  • SPI
  • USB
  • LCD
  • touch-screen display
  • ISP
  • Flash
  • audio in/out
  • Power Management

Part NumberVM800P35A-PL

The VM800P35A-PL is a development module for FTDI’s FT800, which is used to develop and demonstrate the functionality of the FT800 Embedded Video Engine, EVE.


Detailed Description

The FT800 provides a powerful feature set in a small package to create dynamic HMI interfaces. The device supports line by line graphics rendering to 1/16 of a pixel on displays with resolution up to 512 × 512 with 262K colours. The chip includes a touch controller for sensing touch feedback from a TFT display with a resistive touch panel as well as a sound synthesizer and audio playback with a PWM output to drive a speaker.

The VM800P series of modules is a stand-alone display system which has a flash based microcontroller on board, thus providing a fully integrated display system ready to go.  The VM800P supports many I/O daughter cards or shields for expanding external interfacing and control. These shields use 1 or 2 Micro-MaTch miniature connectors to interface to the VM800P main module. Users will be able to purchase shields from FTDI Chip in the coming months, or alternatively can build their own shield  for specific applications.

The VM800P series of modules support 3 different LCD panel size options and are designed for industrial or commercial environments with precision fitted bezels in either black (-BK) or pearl (-PL).

Options Development Modules
VM800P35A-BK VM800P43A-BK VM800P50A-BK VM800P35A-PL VM800P43A-PL VM800P50A-PL
Display 3.5'' TFT 4.3'' TFT 5.0'' TFT 3.5'' TFT 4.3'' TFT 5.0'' TFT
Case color black black black pearl pearl pearl

The VM800P35A-PL utilises the FTDI FT800 Embedded Video Engine, EVE. Graphic, audio and touch features of the FT800 chip can be accessed with the VM800P. For a full list of the FT800’s features please see the FT800 datasheet.

Development Module FTDI VM800P35A-PL

Development Module FTDI VM800P35A-PL

The VM800P35A-BK module has the following features: 

  • FT800 for graphics, audio and touch processing 
  • ATMEGA328P system microcontroller operating at 5V/16MHz supporting Arduino libraries
  • Touch screen LCD panel
  • Backlight LED driver
  • Audio power amplifier and micro speaker
  • FT232R USB serial port for firmware upgrade
  • Micro-SD socket for application storage, including
  • 4GByte SD Card pre-loaded with sample applications
  • Battery backed Real Time Clock
  • 2× Micro-MaTch miniature connectors for daughter card expansion
  • 5V power supply from micro-USB or battery connector
  • Precision fitted bezel in black(-BK)  or pearl (-PL)

Each VM800P module is assembled with following parts:

  • VM800PxxA PCB board
  • LCD panel with touch screen
  • Bezel

The main functions of the VM800PxxA PCB board are as follows:

  • FT800 EVE for graphic, audio and touch control
  • ATMEGA328P microcontroller operating at 5V and 16MHz, controlling the FT800 and other peripheral interfaces
  • 3 stage audio filter 
  • 8Ω micro speaker to work with on-board audio amplifier
  • Jumper selection allowing audio line out option 
  • LCD backlight LED driver
  • Real Time Clock(RTC) with button battery
  • USB interface for power supply and firmware programming
  • 2-pin JST connector for alternative power source 
  • 3.3V regulator: takes 5V input and outputs 3.3V for on-board circuits
  • 2× Micro-MaTch miniature connectors for various daughter card expansion
  • SD Card Socket (4GByte card supplied with module)

VM800P User Guide and Schematic


Other Names:

VM800P35APL, VM800P35A PL

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