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Serial EEPROM programmer Elnec SEEprog

Elnec » SEEprog

Main Features of Programmer
Connection interfaceLPT
Target connectionZIF socket
Supported devices
  • serial EEPROM
  • serial DataFlash

SEEprog - Serial EEPROM programmer.

Short description:

  • 7022 supported devices by 2.69 version of SW (6. May. 2010)
  • small and powerful portable programmer of all 8-pins serial EEPROMs
  • supports interfaces IIC (24Cxx), Microwire (93Cxx), SPI (25Cxx)
  • supports programming LV (3.3V) EEPROM
  • comfortable and easy to use control program, Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/XPx64/Vista/7 compatible
  • free SW update, download from Internet
  • approved by CE laboratory to meet CE requirements
  • connection to PC - via printer port
  • power supply, cable and SW included
  • made in Slovakia

Programmer Elnec SEEprog


  • SEEprog is universal programmer of all types of serial EEPROMs in 8-pin package. SEEprog enables programming EEPROMs with interface types IIC (24Cxx), Microwire (93Cxx) and SPI (25Cxx). Programmer supports programming LV EEPROMs (3.3V). The programmer is equipped by ZIF socket. The quality of programmer is completed by comfortable control program. SEEprog is computer peripheral, it is connecting to PC via standard parallel port.
  • Free software updates are available by download


  • Socket and control of pins:
    • ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) DIL zocket (300mil wide)
    • each pin is possible to set in position Low and H/Pull-up
    • from each pin is possible to read
    • support of Low Voltage devices
  • Supported devices:
    • EEPROM I2C (24Cxxx)
    • EEPROM Microwire (93Cxxx)
    • EEPROM SPI (25Cxxx, 25LVxxx, 25Fxxx, 25Pxxx)
    • Configuration (EE)PROM: AT17xxx, LV series including
    • speciall devices (digital thermometers, ...)


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  • do you have stock seeprog lpt programer? i need 1 unit, thanks you very much, best regards
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