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  1. Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. has developed an uncooled InAsSb (indium arsenide antimonide) photovoltaic detector that offers high-speed and high-sensitivity detection of infrared light in the 3 to 11 micron wavelength range. This new device (part ...
    Sensors · Optoelectronics · Measurement » Hamamatsu » P13894-011MA
  2. Diodes Incorporated introduced the AH1389. Specifically designed for battery-powered consumer equipment such as cellular phones, tablets, digital still and video cameras, while also embracing home appliances and industrial systems, the AH1389 ...
    Sensors » Diodes » AH1389
  3. Sensing and connectivity hub ideal for developing products such as wearables, gaming accessories, smart-home and IoT devices Leverages powerful open software ecosystem for faster time to market STMicroelectronics ’ 13.5 mm × 13.5 mm ...
  4. VCNT2020 Reflective Optical Sensor Saves Space and Lowers Costs for Smart Home, Industrial, and Office Applications Vishay is introducing a new reflective optical sensor for smart home, industrial, and office applications. Saving space compared to ...
    Sensors · Optoelectronics » Vishay » VCNT2020
  5. The CT219 is a contactless magnetic field sensor with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range that revolutionizes systems with legacy technologies such as Hall Effect and Current Transformers Crocus Technology announces the availability of the ...
  6. ENS210 enables portable and connected smart home devices to improve performance and implement valuable new features ams AG launched the ENS210 , a single-die sensor IC providing extremely accurate, pre-calibrated measurements of relative humidity ...
    Sensors · Measurement » ams » ENS210
  7. e2v has launched its ground breaking new Emerald family of Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors. This new product family features the world’s smallest true global shutter pixel available on the market today (2.8 ...
  8. Crocus’ CT51x is a Nano-Power digital switch offering state of the art TMR magnetic technology as a robust alternative to Hall Effect and mechanical reed switches Crocus Technology announces the availability of the CT51x digital switch, the ...
    Sensors » Crocus » CT511, CT512
  9. All Sensors Corporation of Morgan Hill, California has announced a brand new low pressure sensor, the BLC Series. This new device series offers design engineers excellent performance over pressure ranges of 1 inH 2 O through 30 inH 2 O and 15 PSIA. ...
  10. Highly secure coprocessor supports Arduino and ARM mbed platforms, assures easy prototyping Addressing the many issues related to system security in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) installations, the MAXREFDES143 embedded security reference ...
    Sensors · Microcontrollers » Maxim » MAXREFDES143
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