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  1. X-REL Semiconductor introduces its High-Temperature multi-function logic gates: XTR54000. Intended for high-reliability, extreme temperature and extended lifetime applications, such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Down-hole, the flexibility of the ...
    Logic » X-REL » XTR54000
  2. Diodes Incorporated announced the introduction of a complete family of dual gate, advanced, ultra-low power CMOS logic devices. Designed for low voltage, low energy operation, the miniature 74AUP2G family extends the battery cell lifetime of a ...
    Logic · Digital » Diodes » 74AUP2G
  3. New ‘Diamond’ package solves critical space issues in mobile device design NXP Semiconductors announced the new SOT1226 “Diamond” package the world’s smallest general-purpose logic package, featuring a unique pad pitch ...
  4. AUP (Advanced Ultra Low Power) Extends Battery Life Up to 73 Percent Over Industry Standard 3.3 V Logic Options November 13, 2003 - Texas Instruments (TI) announced the industry's lowest power logic family, Advanced Ultra Low Power (AUP) Logic . ...
    Logic » Texas Instruments » SN74AUP1G57, SN74AUP1G58, SN74AUP1G97, SN74AUP1G98, SN74AUP1G08

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